Our Programs

Early Childhood Navigators

Working with Northfield and Faribault families with young children to connect with early learning opportunities and prepare for Kindergarten.

Family Friend and Neighbor Minnesota (FFN)

FFN caregivers are family members, friends, or neighbors who care for children, and do not hold a childcare license, care for other parents’ children in the child’s home or in the caregiver’s home, and often care for children five or more hours per week throughout the school year and/or summer.

Growing Up Healthy and the Rice County Ready for Kindergarten Network offer support to FFNs, including training and early learning materials, play activities, and home safety supplies.

Contact us to learn more! call/text 507-301-6345.

Home Energy Support

Connecting low-income, Latine residents in Faribault and Northfield with each cities’ Home Energy Squad initiative, in partnership with Xcel Energy.


A free home visiting program for families promoting creative ways to learn through play, enhancing parenting skills and helping children prepare for school.

Caregiver Organizing

Involving parents and caregivers in new ways of influencing their student’s education and school experience that are rooted in community.

Neighborhood Outreach

Engaging children, youth and families living in select neighborhoods in Northfield and Faribault, with the goal of increasing social connections.

Family Engagement Navigators

Engaging elementary students and their caregivers with the goal of improving school attendance and engagement.

“This is a unique program. It gives me the chance to really meet each family. It’s not just calling and saying, ‘Why are your kids not in school?’ It’s building a relationship with the families and knowing what their needs are.”

Family Engagement Navigator Heidy Ramirez

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